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Saurabh Misra


Hey there 👋, I’m Saurabh Misra, a software engineer based in Mumbai, India.

I am currently working as a remote and freelance web developer creating software solutions that help my clients grow their businesses.

I have been involved in software development professionally since more than 12 years.

I started out working for Infosys as a Software Engineer and later as a Senior Software Engineer.

Around 6 years ago, I co-founded my own Software Development firm, CodeSphere Solutions where I juggled many roles but was mainly involved in web development.

As a part of my current paid work, I get to work on server-side technologies like PHP, Coldfusion, Wordpress and SQL Server. Front-ends mostly involve working on jQuery, React, Angular and Twitter Bootstrap.

In my free time, I like working on hobby projects or sharing what I learn by writing about it here on this blog.

My language of interest is JavaScript and I enjoy exploring it in detail. I love using React and React Native for web and mobile app development. Nowadays, I am also getting my hands dirty with some NodeJS.